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Unwind in the embrace of the B Sleepy Mattress, a haven crafted for your tranquil sleep experience. Here's a closer look at the layers that make your rest a priority:

1. Sumptuous White Knitted Fabric:
   Enveloping the mattress is a premium white knitted fabric, a touch of luxury that enhances the overall aesthetic while ensuring a soft and inviting surface.

2. Plush Comfort Layer:
   - 2.5cm 18D Sponge + 20g White Non-Woven Fabric
   - 250g PK Cotton

   Sink into a layer of comfort defined by a thoughtful combination of high-density sponge and soft white non-woven fabric. The addition of 250g PK cotton ensures a plush feel, inviting you to experience a cloud-like softness.

3. Responsive Regular Spring Layer:
   - 17cm Regular Spring

   The core of the B Sleepy Mattress is a robust 17cm regular spring layer. Engineered for optimal support, these springs respond to your body's contours, providing a balance of comfort and firmness for a restful night's sleep.

4. Stabilising Layers:
   - 250g PK Cotton
   - 0.5cm 18D Sponge
   - Polyester Fabric

   Surrounding the spring layer are stabilising elements designed to enhance durability and maintain the mattress's structural integrity. With additional PK cotton, 18D sponge, and a finishing touch of polyester fabric, the B Sleepy Mattress is a testament to enduring quality.

Experience the fusion of comfort and support like never before with the B Sleepy Mattress — where every layer is a step towards a night of rejuvenating sleep.

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